French Polynesia

19 June 2020
A group of 27 French Polynesian residents has been repatriated from New Zealand, including the woman whose baby died after being rushed to Auckland. The Air Tahiti Nui plane was chartered by business people who imported 120 cubic metres of merchandise.
4 June 2020
The French legislature has again tightened the law for those seeking compensation for ill health because of the nuclear weapons tests in French Polynesia. The new law reintroduces the need for every claimant to prove a minimum exposure to radiation for a compensation claim to be accepted. It was approved by a joint commission of the National Assembly and the Senate which met after last week's rejection of the text in the Senate.
Reports from French Polynesia say a French military cargo aircraft has picked up 20 residents who were stranded in New Zealand because of the Covid-19 outbreak. The reports say the A400M aircraft had first flown supplies to the French base in New Caledonia and then returned via Auckland. When the plane was deployed to French Polynesia last month, officials said it was for missions around both French Polynesia and the wider Pacific.