Pacific Cooperation Broadcasting Limited (PCBL) aims to bring the best of New Zealand content to you via its contribution feed service Pasifika TV. You may find more information about the service in our FAQs. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

A website and mobile phone app will promote, publicise and provide programme information for our Pacific broadcasting partners and local audiences.

The content will be collated in New Zealand and uplinked to the Intelsat IS 19 satellite. Local free-to-air broadcasters will receive the content and rebroadcast it throughout their territories.

Free-to-air Pacific broadcasters will be supported through:

- The supply of testing and production equipment
- Onsite technical training
- New Zealand based media internship programme

We expect that the first official service broadcasts will be made in early 2016, and that the hours will increase to an average of 8 hours per day by July 2016.

The New Zealand originated content will be made available to Pacific broadcasters at no cost. There will just be a small annual fee to cover administration costs.

Currently, the Pacific Islands, able to receive the free-to-air content are Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, Niue, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea. We aim to work with other free-to-air broadcasters in the Pacific to deliver the content, subject to their capability to receive and rebroadcast it.

The free-to-air Pacific broadcasters who will initially receive the service are:

Cook Islands
- Cook Islands TV
- Vaka TV
- Aitutaki TV
- Mangaia TV

- Fiji Broadcasting Corporation
- Fiji Television
- Mai TV

- Broadcasting Corporation of Niue

Papua New Guinea
- National Broadcasting Corportation

- Samoa Quality Broadcasting (SBC-TV1)
- Apia Broadcasting Ltd (TV3)

Solomon Islands
- Telekom TV

- Tonga Broadcasting Corporation

- Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation

We are currently working with other Pacific countries to provide a similar arrangement.

We have engaged a range of partners who have agreed to provide content for this initiative. They include:

- New Zealand on Air
- Mediaworks
- SKY Television
- Prime
- Maori Television
- Parliament TV
- Sports rightsholders
- NZ production house