Fiji braces for another round of severe weather

The Fiji Roads Authority is advising motorists to maintain caution while driving. Areas in the Central Division reported surface flooding, while some areas are accessible to 4x4 vehicles only. Picture from 25 March 2024. Photo: Fiji Roads Authority

A heavy rain alert is in place for the whole of Fiji as the country faces another bout of severe weather.

Flooding has affected several parts of the country over the last couple of weeks.

The Fiji Meteorological Service warns of possible localised flooding and also has a flash flood alert in effect for parts of Viti Levu.

“Fiji will continue to be affected by the trough of low pressure which lies slow moving over the southern parts of the country.

The weather office said the low pressure system is likely to bring rain, heavy at times over Kadavu and neighbouring smaller islands, Moala and Southern Lau groups.

“The other parts of the country are anticipated to experience occasional showers which should increase to rain with thunderstorms mainly in the afternoons or evenings.”

The continous heavy rain has also damaged the main water pipes caused by a landslip at the Tamavua water treatment plant which has caused major disruptions to water supply in most suburbs in Suva and in Lami.

The Water Authority of Fiji said water supply to schools in the affected areas will be greatly affected and it is advising people to store water and also harvest rainwater as an alternative and to sustain them for the next three days.

The education ministry said all Suva schools in the affected areas will be closed on Thursday.

Permanent secretary Selina Kuruleca said water trucks begun refilling school water tanks since Tuesday and will continue.

“However, for hygiene purposes and ensure our children health needs are prioritised we are advising that our Suva school children are kept at home. There is a lot of pressure on our already scare resources and water infrastructure, to be able to sustain water pressure and use in our schools.”

Disaster management officials had met on Wednesday night to discuss the current water problem in the Central Division and the government’s plans to ensure the restoration of this critical service as soon as possible.