Repatriation flights between the two Samoas to begin today

Samoa Airways Twin Otter at American Samoa's Tafuna International Airport. Photo: Dominic Godfrey / RNZ Pacific

The first repatriation flights between the two Samoas are scheduled to begin today.

More than 160 American Samoans have been stranded in Apia since the Covid-19 lock down and dozens of Samoans are also keen to return home from Pago Pago.

Local media are reporting at least 40 people a day could be repatriated with both Samoa Airways and Talofa Airways operating flights.

The Samoa government has relaxed travel conditions on their end, so returning citizens do not need to be tested for Covid-19, providing they can prove they have been in the territory for at least 14 days.

American Samoa have not been so lenient, with all their returning residents to be tested upon arrival before going into quarantine for 14 days.

Source: RNZ