Huge clean-up underway in Fiji following Cyclone

Damage in Fiji caused by Tropical Cyclone Ana Photo: Fiji government

The huge clean up has started in Fiji following the recent cyclone, but thousands of Fijians are still in evacuation centres.

Tropical Cyclone Ana went through Fiji and left behind a trail of damage to fragile settlements, properties and livestock.

RNZ Pacific correspondent Lice Movono said the flooding and rain activity recently is one of the biggest rainfalls the country has experienced.

Ms Movono said Fijians have become quite resilient and despite the intensity of the flooding, people were able to transition into repair mode quickly.


“The morning after when flood waters recede, it’s business as usual, so immediately after the water levels went down, people were cleaning up the streets, cleaning up their homes and those who could have gone back… I’m waiting for NDMO to update us on just how many people are still left in evacuation centres.”

The government has also cautioned Fijians to be aware of waterborne diseases following the recent flooding due to Tropical Cyclone Ana.

Lice Movono describes the recent rain activity as one of the biggest rainfalls ever, causing flooding that was widespread and affected the whole country.

She said the government’s message to everyone has been focused on waterborne diseases.

“In the past 48 hours there has been reinforcement and medical teams are now going out to the rural areas just to make sure that peoples’ awareness levels have increased, but also to treat the inevitable diseases that will come immediately after the cyclone,” she said.

The heavy rain led to major flooding and some roads washed away. Photo: Fiji government


Source: RNZ