BCN: A successful marine day for Hakupu and Mutalau over the long weekend

Mutalau Marine Day | Photo credits: Florence Maureen Melekitama

Over the long weekend, the villages of Hakupu and Mutalau held their annual village marine day. Hakupu on Saturday 3 June and Mutalau on Monday 5 June on the King’s Birthday public holiday.

According to village representatives, it was a great day to see the community come together and enjoy a day of fishing.

According to Natasha Toeono-Tohovaka on a Facebook post, the Hakupu Marine Day theme was “Paddling for the Future.”

She said, “even though there was no reef fishing today, we managed to get the kids down to Tuhia to watch all the fish coming back from Boat and Vaka Fishermen.”

Tolana Siataga landed the heaviest fish a Marlin at a whopping 60 kgs.

“Looking forward to the reef event for the kids to help them paddle to the future,” says Natasha…

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