“We ask the world to STOP.” – Federated States of Micronesia takes centre stage at the UN Climate Conference

Source: SPREP

9 December 2023, UAE – Hard-hitting truths were put before over 100 world leaders and ministers today at the UN Climate Conference in Dubai.  The Federated States of Micronesia held global attention as H.E Andrew Yatilman, the Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Emergency Management of FSM took the podium, calling all parties to begin the complete phase-out of fossil fuels.

The 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change is now underway bringing together over 95,000 delegates to Dubai for the two-week event, over 195 Parties, and over 100 world leaders and ministers to address the climate crisis together.

“The threat of climate change is now descending upon us like a mighty wave.  Already, throughout our islands, people are suffering from the devastating impacts that, like bombs or sanctions, could forever change our lives, our way of life, and our hope for a vibrant future,” presented Minister Yatilman.

“We ask countries, and especially the larger emitters to take more serious action to address climate change.  To make some reasonable sacrifices so that island nations do not have to make the ultimate sacrifice.”

“Islanders around the world are no longer “potential” victors of climate change.  We are present victims.  We face an uncertain and possibly uninhabitable future now.  Without radical measures to reduce warming in the next decade our lands and livelihoods could perish, and our people will follow.”

Minister Yatilman stressed the world has run out of time to rely only on carbon dioxide emissions reductions calling for massive cuts in short-live super-pollutants that slow waring such as methane.  The Federated States of Micronesia also called for increased access to adequate and sustained financing for climate action across all sectors, in line with the objectives and principles of the UNFCCC.

The island nation believes the first global stocktake must strengthen and guarantee full implementation of the Paris Agreement.  It also seeks an agreement on a robust and effective Framework for the Global Goal on Adaptation backed by streamlined access to adaptation finance.

“There are many injustices in the climate crisis, beginning with the fact that those who contaminate the least are those who will suffer the most.  Micronesia and other isalnds have carried much more than our weight strengthening our Nationally Determined Contributions and accruing greater debt to pay for adaptation measures or climate emergencies,” stated Minister Yatilman.

“We stand on the frontline of this existential crisis watching as the rising tides wipe away our shorelines and push us into a desolate and uncertain future.”

Source: SPREP

The Federated States of Micronesia left a lasting impression upon the world – calling upon everyone to take greater responsibility to protect everyone and thanking the Government of the United Arab Emirates for hosting this meeting at a critical time that could change the course of the climate crisis for the better.

“This is why we ask the world to STOP. STOP new fossil fuel extraction, STOP excessive consumption, STOP methane emissions, STOP throwing fuel on the fire.”

“START taking greater responsibility for the past and protecting the people and resources of the future.  Start with courage and commitment. START and don’t stop until the world is safe – not just for you, but for us all.”

Source: SPREP