“The drum beats are getting louder, with greater urgency for action” is the message from the smallest delegation at COP27

One of the smallest delegations at the COP 27 is from the small Pacific island nation of Niue, led by the island’s only female minister, Hon. Esa Mona Ainuu. An estimated 33,449 participants representing 195 state parties and observers are at the COP27 in Sharma El-Sheikh, including Niue’s delegation of seven.

The Minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Climate Change, Hon. Ainuu is also the Pacific’s Political Champion on Gender and Social Inclusion at this global conference.

Several hours ago, she delivered Niue’s national statement echoing the calls from small island states to amplify their voices on the many issues raised over the past ten days in Sharma El-Sheikh.

Ainuu said that the drum beats are sounding louder and with great urgency in anticipation of action to change the tone of the drum beats from the sounds of despair to the sounds of celebration for our future generations.

The full story can be found at TV Niue, along with other stories from Niue and around the Pacific.