Some rain, but not enough to break Tuvalu’s drought

Photo: RNZ Pacific / Sally Round

Brief showers in parts of Tuvau have not been enough to remedy the ongoing drought.

The islands of Nanumea, Niutao, Nui are all experiencing below average rainfall.

A drought committee was activated on May 7 headed by Disaster Management Department Director Luke Selu who said it includes stakeholders from the climate change, public health and meteorology services department, the Red Cross and town councils, or kaupule.

While some rain has fallen in parts of the country, including over the capital Funafuti, in recent days, the outer-islands have not had rain, Selu said.

“Yes, it started last week, a bit of rain, just a brief shower. But with the outer islands, especially in the north, there was no rain captured at the back of the washtank,” he said.

With little rain falling, water tank supplies are dwindling.

Meanwhile, the Tuvalu government will have to manage its water supply if Covid-19 enters the community.

Tuvalu is still covid free, but Selu said there was a risk of sanitation issues if there is a community outbreak.

“If there is a covid outbreak here in Tuvalu then we will consider working with Covid National Taskforce because currently due to water shortages we are currently to manage the water,” he said.

Source: RNZ