Solomon Islands election 2024: Final candidates list out this week

A Ballot Paper Draw determines the position of the candidate on the ballot paper. Photo: Solomon Islands Electoral Commission

The Solomon Islands’ Electoral Commission is conducting ballot paper draws throughout the country for the joint 17 April elections.

The draws are being done for all ballot papers for elections of members to the national parliament, provincial assemblies and the Honiara City Council (HCC).

With elections just over a month out, the elections office said the draws, which will be completed by Wednesday (tomorrow), are done so candidates’ names appear on the ballot in random order, which is perceived to be fair.

It said following the ballot paper draws, will be the Returning Officers (RO) Notice of Election, which will outline polling hours, candidate and nominator details and polling station locations.

A Ballot Paper Draw determines the position of the candidate on the ballot paper. This is done randomly to fairly place candidates on the ballot paper and must be done within seven days from the close of the nomination period .

Nominations for election candidates closed last week.

The electoral office told RNZ Pacific the final list of election candidates is almost complete and will be released this week.

Meanwhile, the Coalition for Accounbtability Reform and Empowerment (CARE) leader Matthew Wale said critics of the coalition’s policies are judgmental because they have nothing better to offer.

Wale, speaking in Visale at the CARE coalition launch for their candidate Bodo Dettke, said he is aware that there are leaders that were criticising CARE policies calling it “unrealistic”.

“I understand that a former Prime Minister, finance minister and also the caretaker Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare is going around telling people that CARE policies are unrealistic and cannot be done,” he said.

Wale noted their will backlash when CARE’s policies are implemented – if it came into power – “but we must start somewhere and put and end to the business as usual”.

Source: RNZ