SOL23: Touch rugby team champions to be crowned on Saturday

Samoa and PNG are both hoping for medals in Saturday’s touch rugby mixed medal matches. Photos: Charlie Ando Bitikolo, Pacific Games News Service

After two days of mixed team touch rugby round-robin match play-offs at DC Park, the medal matches will take place on Saturday and may bring some surprises.

Samoa is looking promising as a finalist with their improved points after winning two of their matches on Friday, first beating hosts Solomon Islands, 13-3 and then defending champions, Papua New Guinea (PNG) 7-6.

Cook Islands drew 5-5 with Niue in their first match on Friday, and their second match saw them defeat a strong Fijian side 12-6.

Fiji is also looking promising to qualify for the finals as they look to continue their superb performances and winning form into Saturday’s final round-robin matches.

Samoan midfielder Arran Rogers told the Pacific Games News Service: “I think for our mixed team, there was a slow start in the beginning, as we just came back-to-back off the women’s and men’s (competitions), so a lot of us are tired.”

However, he said Saturday should see the teams unleash all the energy that is left in them to pick up their level and strive for medals.

Touch rugby runs until 3:30pm on Saturday at DC Park with free entry.

By Arnold Peter, Glen Deni, Priscilla Kafa and Karen Veraro, Pacific Games News Service