SMR Training 2022 Day 3: Effective Social Media

Day Three – Effective Social Media

Day three of Pacific Cooperation Broadcasting Limited’s (PCBL) Strengthening Media Resilience (SMR) training programme covered Effective Social Media can how it can be used in conjunction with traditional broadcasting to better build and reach your audience.

Mary Aue, owner/director of social media consulting company Coconut Wireless led day three of training with a workshop on integrating social media with broadcasting.

She started by laying out the foundations of building a successful social media presence, identifying which platforms are most effective for different types of messaging. The presentation also covered the purpose of having your own website within your own control that can be used alongside social media for maximum effectiveness.

Mary continued by explaining the processes and key metrics she uses, backed up by case studies of social media campaigns she has run, including the 2017 Rugby League World Cup and building the profile of Pita Taufatofua at the 2016 Olympic Games.

Feedback from day three showed great interest in continued social media workshops with one comment stating “Mary did an excellent job with presentation delivery. Everything explained, shared, and discussed [was] clear and easy to follow.”

Days one and two covering Pacific storytelling and Pasifika On Air can be found here.