SIBC: Good Samaritan Hospital Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Bishop Lucian Capelii (C) and Staff of the Good Samaritan Hospital Source: SIBC Online

Good Samaritan Hospital in Tetere, North Guadalcanal celebrated its 15 years anniversary today at the hospital’s compound.

The hospital was built by the AMIS (Amici Missione Isole Solomon) and presented as a gift from Italian Volunteers to Solomon Islands in 2008.

Speaking to SIBC News, Bishop Lucian Capelli says it is through the dream of volunteers that the hospital was established.

“This hospital is number one. One in the sense that it is the fruit of the communion of people with volunteers without enough funds and only good will.

So, for the past 15 years we have seen the dream come true and the dream is now alive and is open to bigger things depending on how the people can work together.”

Bishop Capelli was one of the important figures behind the establishment of the hospital in aims of providing health services to people of Solomon Islands….

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