SIBC: Climate Change related Loss and Damage to Islands and Culture in the Solomons is ‘Too Valuable to be Valued’

Some of the artificial islands just off the coast of the Manaururu Village in Malaita province Source: SIBC Online

World leaders and negotiators on 20 November had approved a decision on the COP27 agenda on ‘Loss and Damage’ which would create a fund to compensate Small Island Developing States (SIDSs) or poor nations that suffered the impacts of climate change believed to be worsened by developed countries’ carbon pollution.

The historic deal would see billions of dollars go to SIDSs and poor nations to assist them in coping with the adverse impacts of climate change.

Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology Dr Melchoir Mataki said the deal approved to establish a fund to compensate countries affected by climate change is a momentous decision for Solomon Islands.

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