Samoa lobbying to host 2019 Pacific Games

The President of Samoa’s Olympic Committee said his country is ready and waiting to host the 2019 Pacific Games.

Last week Guam joined Samoa and French Polynesia in bidding for the right to host the games after Tonga belatedly pulled out because of a lack of government support.

SASNOC’s Fepuleai Patrick Fepuleai said he welcomed the competition, and everyone has the right to do what they feel is right for their own country.

But he said Samoa has everything needed to host a successful games.

“I can’t say about the others because I haven’t seen what they have put on offer but all I know is that most of our facilities exist already. Just a couple that need a bit of renovating. We just recently hosted the Youth Commonwealth Games in 2015 and most of our facilities existed when we hosted [the Pacific Games] in 2007. We’re basically ready.”

Mr Fepuleai said he welcomes the competition as every has a right to do what they feel is right for their country.

But he said Samoa still offered a wealth of hosting experience which included the 2007 Games, 2015 Youth Commonwealth Games and the Small Island Developing States meeting or SIDS.

“We are used to hosting events like this and we got the facilities. It is a good opportunity for them to be utilised. From that perspective it is pretty important for us that we get to use these facilities and we are in the habit of hosting some big events ourselves here like the SIDS [Small Island Developing States meeting] and other events like that.”

The winning bid will be announced by the end of the month.

Source: RadioNZ