Samoa Govt allows Tokelau contract worker repatriation

Dominic Godfrey / RNZ Pacific

Samoa has approved a petition from the Tokelauan government to allow a special trip to the atolls to repatriate contract workers island as well as Samoans wanting to return home.

Approval had also been given to allow Tokelauan students to be repatriated from New Zealand and to travel directly to Tokelau after arrival in Samoa.

The approval was given by Cabinet this week along with other additions to the current Covid-19 State of Emergency orders.

Approval was also given to a special Talofa Airways charter flight from Apia to Niue and Fiji to repatriate returning Fijian citizens.

Eight passengers were due to fly back from Nadi, including six US nationals who would fly direct to American Samoa and two Samoan citizens returning home.

While away the airline will also be ferrying passengers between the islands of Vanuatu.

The pilot and crew will be subject to quarantine conditions once they return to Samoa.

Source: RNZ