PNG govt announces inquiry into 2022 election

PNG 2022 general election Photo: Raguel Kepas

The Papua New Guinea government has announced an in-house inquiry into the conduct of last year’s election.

The poll was described as the most violent in the country’s 47 years of independence, with dozens of people losing their lives.

The committee will be spearheaded by the PNG special parliamentary committee on the 2022 General Elections.

In a statement, committee Chair Allan Bird said this inquiry will look into all aspects of the election process.

Bird said that includes the conduct of updating of the electoral roll, campaigning, voting, counting, declarations, and disputed returns.

It will also look into the expenditure of electoral funds, and the powers, functions and responsibilities of the Electoral Commission.

The key government departments responsible for the conduct and operations of the general elections will also appear before the Committee.

A notice announced the committee was appealing to the people of PNG for written submissions and that there will be public hearings and regional consultations.

The public hearings are scheduled for February 21-23 and will be streamed live through local TV channels.

During the 2022 general election, Papua New Guinea police and electoral authorities were on the verge of declaring failed elections in some parts of the country at one stage where violence had all but halted the electoral process.

Source: RNZ