PISFCC Students Fighting for Climate Change Action at COP28

PISFCC are at COP28 continuing to fight for climate change action. Source: Pasifika TV

Amelia Rigsby interviewed Siosiua Alo Veikune and Caleb Maehanua Pollard from Pacific Islands Students Fighting Climate Change about the historic UN General Assembly unanimous consensus calling for an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice on climate change and human rights.

Underpinned by two principles – human rights and inter-generational equity – PISFCC have been working towards this since inception in 2019, seeking an answer to the legal question of state obligations with respect to climate change.

PISFCC are at COP 28 in Dubai to build on the momentum of this decision through the side events they are hosting aimed at encouraging participation by States and youth.

Check out the video below to see what PISFCC are doing to fight for climate change justice.