Pasifika TV and ABU creating pathways for Pacific voices

Deborah Steele represented the ABU at the PCBL CEO/GM's conference in May 2023. Source: PCBL


The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) represents 245 broadcasters in 65 countries to promote the collective interests of television and radio broadcasters and facilitate regional and international media co-operation.

Pasifika TV has joined the ranks of ABU to facilitate access for our Pacific broadcasting network members to the wide-ranging assistance offered by ABU including key conferences and training workshops.

Broadcaster CEO discussion panel during the 2023 Pacific Media Partnership Conference hosted by VBTC in Port Moresby, Vanuatu in August 2023. Source: Supplied

A key benefit of the partnership is ABU’s Asiavision video news exchange that allows the free sharing of news items between members for rebroadcast. This will create a pathway for Pacific voices to be heard in Asia, as well as in Europe through the ABU’s sister organisation the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

“We are delighted to be able to share stories from the Pacific with our members across the broader Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Asiavision will be an important conduit for improving international understanding about the issues that matter to the Pacific and providing the Pacific perspective on issues of significance.” – Deborah Steele, Director of ABU News

Picture of Deborah Steele, Director of News for the ABU. Source: Supplied

Deborah Steele, Director of News for the ABU. Source: Supplied

“The diverse and rich cultures throughout the Pacific deserve to be shared with the rest of the world and no one is more suited to telling those stories than the Pacific itself,” says PCBL CEO Natasha Meleisea, “more importantly, the looming danger of climate change poses a very real threat to the existence of the Pacific and who better than Pacific storytellers to do it justice.”

The Asiavision platform will enable distribution of Pasifika TV’s reporting on the current 52nd Pacific Islands Forum Leaders Meeting 2023 in the Cook Islands as well as the upcoming COP28 in Dubai, and the SOL23 Pacific Games in the Solomon Islands.

“Being able to have Pacific voices heard on the world stage is critical to affecting lasting change for the betterment of the region,” says PCBL CEO Natasha Meleisea. “We’re excited to see our partners get global attention on issues that matter most to them.”

Pasifika TV’s coverage from the current Forum Leaders Meeting, such as the one below, have been shared onto Asiavision.