Pacific Kids Learning coming to PasifikaTV

Pacific Kids Learning (PKL) are content producers with a mission to share mana-enhancing and culturally affirming stories and songs for children in the Pacific and across the world.

Founded in 2014, Pacific Kids’ Learning is now led by 3 mothers Evo Leota-Tupou, Theresa Tupuola-Sorenson and Tatiana Marich who look to their own children for inspiration. The social enterprise was created in response to a lack of digital content supporting Pacific languages for young learners.

PKL Directors (L to R): Evo Leota-Tupou, Tatiana Marich, Theresa Tupuola-Sorenson

PKL Founder, Evo Leota-Tupou says there was a strong sense of urgency. “It was important to get the right team together who could fast track digital content in the edutainment space – where learning was both engaging and fun.”

To date, they have created over 100 digital resources which contribute towards their goal of growing their Pacific Digital Library into the leading platform for Pacific language and literacy content.

PKL Director Tatiana Marich says, “although we still have so much to accomplish, we are proud of the volume of story, song, dance and phrase animations that we have been able to produce.” She credits the exceptional quality of work to the meaningful relationships PKL has developed with pillars of the Pacific community. Both young and old have shared their knowledge and experience for the benefit of building more cultural resources.

Starting March 6th, Pasifika TV is proud to be carrying content by PKL, offering animated stories for children in English, Gagana Sāmoa, Lea faka Tonga, and Te Reo Māori Kūki ‘Āirani. All of this content will be shared with our broadcasting partners, so be sure to check with your local channel to see when it will be on.

The PKL Leadership team with their children, nephews and nieces at the 2022 PKL showcase
Source: Supplied

PKL is also currently producing the Taimi Fananga Series that asked primary school children to share their stories, with 10 being turned into professional animations.

PKL Director Theresa Tupuola-Sorenson acknowledges that representation is important but urges Pacific communities to move beyond consumption of content and be actively involved in the creation of authentic resources that promote Pacific values. “We want to lift the capacity of our people to control our own narratives, tell our own stories, and be leaders in the digital space.”

For more information on Pacific Kids Learning, check out their YouTube channel, Facebook page, website, and Linktree.