Music in schools would create career options

A Pasifika choir’s contract to work on the Disney film Moana could highlight the need for music as a secondary school subject.

The University of the South Pacific’s choir, Pasifika Voices, secured a contract to sing on the soundtrack for the film Moana – a musical fantasy that follows a young navigator’s journey across the South Pacific to find a fabled island.

The head of performing arts at the university, Igelese Ete, said Pasifika students have natural musical talent but lack theoretical skills because music is considered an extra-curricular activity.

He said theoretical knowledge would help students turn their talent into a career.

“This recording would have probably opened a few eyes in the education system to the possibilities, if we have music as part of the curriculum where you can study and have exams then it’s something you can definitely lift to another level,” he said.

Igelese Ete said getting stakeholders on side would be hard work but the benefits would be worth it.