Meet the Broadcasters – SOL23

Pasifika TV and Pacific broadcaster team at the SOL23 Pacific Games. L to R: Nga Glassie, Tia Soakai, Tai Blake, Erenoa Timra, Taina Basiyalo Source: Coconut Wireless

From November 19th to December 2nd Pasifika TV is proud to be broadcasting live coverage and highlights of the SOL23 Pacific Games in the Solomon Islands! All the action will be shared across the Pacific with our network of broadcasters, showcasing the immense talent and staggering displays of Pacific athleticism.

Pasifika TV are also sending a regional reporting crew to provide bespoke, in-depth coverage of the celebrations surrounding SOL23, shining a light on the vibrant people and culture in Honiara.

This crew has been selected as part of Pacific Cooperation Broadcasting Limited’s (PCBL) 2023 Pacific Regional Journalism Training Programme which included a series of masterclasses in Sports Journalism led by Stanley Simpson, Director of Mai TV in Fiji.

Simpson said that he hopes the stories from the selected crew go beyond the usual, and tell “epic, emotional, and historical stories” to capture national, regional, and international attention.

The team selected to travel to SOL23, along with support from PCBL, are:

Erenoa Timra – Reporter, Kiri One (Wave TV), Kiribati

Nga Glassie – Camerman/Editor/Graphics, CITV, Cook Islands

Tai Blake – Cameraman/Editor/Graphics, Polynesian Media, Cook Islands

Taina Basiyalo – Sports Journalist, FBC, Fiji

Pacific voices telling Pacific stories are crucial to the success of the games and a driving force behind PCBL’s training programme. In that spirit, here is what they said about reporting on the upcoming games:

Tai: I want to ensure that the stories and experiences of our athletes, their dedication, and the cultural significance of these games are accurately portrayed. These games are not just about sports; they are about our identity, resilience, and unity as Pacific nations.

Taina: It is definitely crucial to have Pacific voices report on SOL23, as [we] understand each other better. It will undoubtedly benefit us to have my fellow Pacific [reporters] alongside me to give each other ideas and ways to write.

Nga: I’m looking to polish up on my journalism skills and learn from the other team members. I want to be part of the team that I believe will provide high quality sports reporting and camerawork for the upcoming Games.

Erenoa: One area that I am particularly interested in exploring is the journeys of the athletes representing their own country in the Pacific Games. Their dedication, resilience and hard work are inspiring. I believe their stories deserve to be shared.

As always, check in with your local broadcasters to see when Pasifika TV’s coverage of the SOL23 Pacific Games will be on your channel. Also keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for more stories about the Games!