Meet the Broadcasters – PIFS Regional Reporting Crew

Climate change is a key challenge for the Pacific. Source: PCBL

Pasifika TV will be covering the 52nd Pacific Islands Forum Leaders Meeting 2023, and all content is being shared across the Pacific with our network of broadcasters. Underpinning our in-depth coverage is a regional reporting crew selected from Pacific Cooperation Broadcasting Limited’s (PCBL) 2023 Pacific Regional Journalism Training Programme who will be attending the Forum to tell Pacific stories through a Pacific lens.

The talented team representing Pasifika TV and their respective broadcasting stations are:

The key driver of this regional initiative is to create opportunities for Pacific broadcasters to tell their stories that impact the region, such as the rising danger of climate change, food security and disaster response management. We had a chat over email with the selected team to ask them why this is so important.

Why is it important for people from the Pacific to view and report on the Forum Leaders Meeting?

Kristiana: No one knows and understands the Pacific the way that Pacific people do. This is a privilege for Pacific storytellers because we understand the issues on a much more personal level.

I am most interested in exploring a visa-free Pacific and the proposal of a peace-zone Pacific, given the recent geo-political attention that our region is getting.

Johannah: I believe it is very important for the people from the Pacific to be involved in viewing and reporting on PIFs. It enables them to hold their leaders accountable for delivering on those decisions.

I am interested in learning more about how [the Forum] is promoting sustainable development in the Pacific region. I would like to investigate the strategies and actions that PIFS and its members have implemented to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Jordan: It’s better to tell the stories from [our] perspective because they have experienced and have seen the changes that is happening. It’s critical that [these] stories are viewed by the people of the region, to help inform and educate them.  For example, deep sea mining.

Any closing thoughts?

Kristiana: Accompanied by the needed resources, Pacific storytellers play a critical part in narrating the realities of the Pacific to a global digital audience.

Johannah: I also want to showcase the achievements and challenges of the Forum members and their partners in pursuing their common vision for a peaceful, prosperous, and inclusive Pacific region.

Jordan: I believe it’s [really good] to engage the [Pacific media] in this programme. To learn from each other and hear from individual’s personal experience in the industry.

Running from November 6th to 10th, check in with your local broadcasters to see when Pasifika TV’s coverage of the 52nd Pacific Islands Forum Leaders Meeting 2023 will be on your channel. Also keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for more information!