Hundreds of illegal settlers evicted in Port Vila

Black Sands after eviction of settlers. Photo: Hilaire Bule

Police and a court sheriff have relocated more than 500 settlers from Black Sands in Vanuatu’s capital, Port Vila, ahead of their eviction deadline.

It is the biggest relocation of illegal settlers undertaken on Efate and follows a police exercise last week, when about 100 people were relocated from near Mele village.

One of the relocated Black Sands villagers said he had been living there for 30 years.

The site is now an empty space. The settlers were given two weeks notice that they had to move.

They dismantled their makeshift houses, taking the materials with them.

They also cut down the fruit trees they had planted.

RNZ Pacific’s correspondent said they have been spread around various sites in Port Vila.

A plea from settlers relocated from from Black Sands Photo: Hilaire Bule

He said the Vanuatu Red Cross has stepped in and was assisting the settlers, providing them with tarpaulins and food.

There is no indication yet as to what is going to happen to the land at Black Sands.

Source: RNZ