Fiji One News: A proud achievement for sports in Fiji

A very special milestone for sports in Fiji became a reality when six athletes with intellectual impairment (ID) took part at the inaugural Oceania Asia Virtus Games in Brisbane, Australia from 5th to 11th November 2022. This was the first time that a combined Oceania and Asia Virtus Games was staged and also the first time that Fiji athletes were invited.

VIRTUS, the founding member of International Paralympics Committee (IPC), was established in 1986. It is recognized globally as the international Organization for Disability Sports (IODS) with the responsibility for the management of eligibility and classification for athletes with Intellectual impairment (ID).

Fiji was blessed with the initiative by Sports Inclusion Australia CEO Robyn Smith and Fiji Sports Commission CEO Peter Mazey to conduct a workshop in April 2022 for psychologists in Fiji to be trained to assess athletes with ID.

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