Fiji One: Mutual effort paves the way for sustainable ocean management

Source: Fiji One News

A recent oceanic mission, only the second of its kind in over a century, has unveiled valuable scientific insights poised to reshape our understanding of coral reefs and marine ecosystems. This extensive research was executed in partnership with the WAITT Institute through Blue Prosperity Fiji and stands as one of the most comprehensive assessments of our underwater ecosystems to date.

This expedition brought together a diverse array of stakeholders, including government agencies, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and local communities, all uniting in pursuit of a common objective. This collaborative approach underscores the pivotal role of partnerships in achieving successful outcomes.

Spanning three distinct phases, an intrepid team of explorers journeyed across Fiji’s expansive maritime terrain, ranging from the western expanse of Viti Levu to the eastern reaches of the Lau group, encompassing the Lomaiviti Islands, Cakaudrove, and Macuata’s Udu Point….

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