Fiji One: First-ever Fiji adaptive social protection strategy and implementation plan

The Government of Fiji through the Ministry of Finance, Strategic Planning, National Development & Statistics and the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Protection received the Adaptive Social Protection (ASP) strategy and implementation plan yesterday.

ASP helps build the resilience of vulnerable households by enabling in their capacity to prepare for, cope with, and adapt to shocks whilst ensuring that they do not fall further into poverty.

With technical and financial support from the World Bank, the consulting firm ‘Social Impact Assessment and Policy Analysis Corporation’ (SIAPAC) had developed this Adaptive Social Protection (ASP) Strategy through a wide-range consultative process.

As presented by the Lead Consultant Dr David Cownie it involved extensive field consultation with local, sub-national, and national level duty-bearers as well as advocates and rights-holders throughout the country through a series of thematic workshops, with the particular involvement of duty-bearers and activists involved in the Safety and Protection Cluster (which forms part of Fiji’s Disaster Risk Management coordination system….

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