Expansion to Pasifika TV

On  3 September, Pacific Cooperation Broadcasting Limited (PCBL)  announced its expansion to the Pasifika TV service.

The service would move from an 8 hour per day contribution feed to a 24/7 channel feed, provide more training and equipment to local Pacific free-to-air broadcasters, as well as, resources to support local production in the region.

PCBL currently delivers its Pasifika TV service to 24 broadcasters across 13 Pacific countries and territories.

At the launch five participants spoke about their experience on the PCBL Media Exchange Programme.  They highlighted how it impacted on their personal development and professional application in their respective stations.

They were Tiana Haxton (CITV), Taualogomai Roebeck (SBC-TV1), Chris Reginal (TTV – Solomon Islands), Joe Ravula (Fiji TV), Tai-Kanapa Blake (Vaka TV).

CEO, Natasha Meleisea says “The expansion of the service will see support in key areas to build a thriving Pacific media industry.  However, collaboration with New Zealand’s broadcasting industry and the Pacific’s broadcasting industry still remains critical to this project.  Hopefully we will see more locally produced content and resources being shared across the Pacific in the very near future.”