Covid-19 Pacific update: No new cases in 24 hours across the region

There have been no new cases of Covid-19 in the Pacific within the last 24 hours, however lockdown rules continue to be flouted in some regions.

There remains 244 cases and seven deaths in several locations across the Pacific.

Guam has the highest number of Covid-19 cases with 135 people confirmed as positive and five deaths.

Elsewhere, there is 13 cases in Northern Mariana and two deaths, in French Polynesia 55 cases, New Caledonia steady at 18 cases, Fiji with 16 cases, and Rapa Nui Easter Island at five and Papua New Guinea at two.

In the Cook Islands, authorities are frustrated at some locals not adhering to the rules of gatherings needing to remain under 10, with police having to break up a beach party over the Easter weekend. Rarotonga has seen more than seven alcohol-related domestic disputes.

In Tonga, kava clubs remain banned despite schools re-opening, frustrating some who use the clubs for fundraising. The country’s curfew may be lifted tomorrow. Meanwhile, Air New Zealand has collected New Zealand, Australian and US nationals stranded in the kingdom.

In Fiji, mobile clinics are testing for fevers, while the state of emergency in Papua New Guinea will be extended until June 2.

Video link & source: 1 NEWS’ Barbara Dreaver updates the coronavirus situation across the Pacific.