Business Awards Winners 2017

Linden Estate Winery Leader of the Year Winner – Caren Rangi (Ei Mua Consulting)

The recipient of this award has achieved and contributed more than many accountants twice her age.  She contributes an astounding number of hours through her service on various governance boards and combines her passion and considerable expertise to add value to Pacific communities, the local Hawkes Bay community and the wider New Zealand community.

The things people say about this person is that she has tremendous common sense and a thoughtful and considered approach.  She is held in high regard by all those who work alongside her and she is viewed as a strong advocate for excellence in accounting.

Caren Rangi is the Linden Estate Leader of the Year for 2017.

Caren was nominated by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.  Caren is a Chartered Accountant of 22 years and holds the prestigious designation of Fellowship of Chartered Accountants ANZ.  The designation of Fellowship recognises members for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the accounting profession and held in high regard within the Chartered Accountants community.

Caren has been on many governance boards including the Eastern and Central Community Trust, Pacific Homecare, Chair of the Pacific Business Trust Board, the Pacific Arts Committee of Creative New Zealand and founding board member of the National Pacific Radio Trust.

Caren is a Board member of the Charities Registration Board, Caren is the only accountant sitting alongside two lawyers who together administer the registration and deregistration of over 27000 charities in New Zealand.  She conducts herself in this role with total professionalism, applying her accounting skills to review considerable volumes of data and provide succinct and considered advice.

Source: Hawkes Bay Chamber