BCN: NZ based Niuean academics, Dr. Jess Pasisi and Rennie Atfield-Douglas deliver their work to Taoga Niue

Dr. Jess Pasisi is a lecturer of Pacific Studies at Otago University and Rennie Atfield-Douglas is Assistant Pro-Chancellor Pasifika at The University of Auckland deliver their works to Taoga Niue [Source: TV Niue]

The majority of Niueans live outside of Niue with the majority more than 30 thousand living in New Zealand including a small but growing group of academics like Dr. Jess Pasisi and Rennie Atfield-Douglas.

Dr Jessica Pasisi hails from the villages of Mutalau and Hikutavake is a lecturer of Pacific Studies at the University of Otago and Rennie Atfield-Douglas, from the villages of Avatele and Hakupu is the Deputy Pro-Chancellor Pacific for University of Auckland.

Earlier this week at the Taoga Niue Auditorium Dr. Jess Pasisi presented the findings of her doctorate research and Rennie Atfield-Douglas spoke about his Masters dissertation and depositing their work with Taoga Niue.

The works will contribute to the small but growing collection of research conducted by Niueans and about Niue.

Dr. Jess Pasisi explained that this trip is part of the agreement she had with Taoga Niue when she completed her PhD thesis on Niue women’s perspectives on climate change that she will return to Niue to present it and deposit the thesis with Taoga Niue…

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