BCN: Namukulu celebrates in style its 100th anniversary

91-year old Mrs Marry Grace Sioneholo raising the centennial flag [Source: BCN]

The smallest village of the island, Namukulu is known to punch above its weight when it comes to hosting events and on Saturday they did just that, celebrating 100 years since the village of Namukulu was established, moving away from the village of Tuapa, Uhomotu in 1922.

Memorialised in the plaque of 1972 are the names of the founders of the village Kinitoa, Pulehemotu, Ikimaihetau, Talatoa, Liukaiha, Viliveti, Fakatala, and Makakona.

The central point of any village is the church, making the pastors who serve in the village, prominent figures in its history. For the Lipitoa family, this was the village that they would call home and their descendants will continue to live and serve the village including long-serving Ulumotua (church elder) and member of parliament, 89-year-old Hon. Jack Willie Lipitoa QSM and his wife Moka.

The village has fewer than 10 residents but is supported by much larger extended families living in other villages put on a tremendous feast to mark the auspicious occasion.

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