Marshall Islands

14 February 2022
A Marshall Islands ship registry official has pushed back at criticism a US organization lobbed its way as part of the announcement that the United States government is going to launch an “open” ship registry. The announcement late last month...
24 August 2020
The repatriation of Marshall Islanders continues to be considered despite mounting cases of Covid-19 in Hawaii and Guam, the two principle points of departure for flights there. The government had yet to make a decision about repatriating what is said to be over 200 people stranded in Hawai'i, Guam, the Philippines, Fiji, Kiribati and elsewhere. But the government's National Disaster Committee is currently considering seeking cabinet endorsement for the return of two groups.
15 June 2020
The Marshall Islands has extended its ban on incoming travellers to 5 July, but repatriated nine Marshallese stranded in Pohnpei and allowed the first group of five essential workers to return to the US Army missile testing range at Kwajalein Atoll. These two groups were the subject of Covid-19 testing prior to departing Pohnpei and Honolulu, and are undergoing a two-week quarantine with multiple tests prior to release.