Finding our Way back to Atiu

The 1st Part of a 4 Part series of the Search for the Graves and Headstones of Atiu soldiers that enlisted in WW1 NZEF ANZAC from 1914-1918 .  WW1 NZEF ANZAC Soldiers Research Project Team journey to the island of Atiu to record and document the graves and military headstones of soldiers that have returned to their homeland to live out the rest of their lives. There is no existing record of where these soldiers were buried hence the birth of the Cook Islands WW1 NZEF ANZAC Soldiers Research Project headed by Australian Cate Walker. Working alongside her is husband Paul Stephen Morrissey and local counterparts Chief Archivist for the CIs National Archives Miss Paula Paniani and Researcher Bobby Nicholas. Cook Islands Television  joined forces with the Research Team to bring you coverage of the Teams findings on Atiu.